Barmitzvah Boys climb Mount Snowdon

Barmitzvah Boys climb Mount Snowdon

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Jonah Jayson, Toby Onona, James Levy, Joseph Henley, Jonah Lazarus and Elijah Djanogly wanted to help other people as part of their own Bar Mitzvah celebrations, so they packed their bags with waterproofs, gloves and hats and set off to Northern Wales to complete the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon.

The boys set out early. After two and a half hours of chatting, sheep, climbing, sheep, laughing, sheep and watching the cloud at the top growing bigger and bigger, they finally reached the summit.  The temperature was -6°C (wind chill factor) with wind speeds of 45mph but they all had huge smiles on their faces. After a quick lunch they began the cold and windy descent. By 3.30pm they had walked 18km and they finally reached the bottom, missing the rain by minutes. Jonah Jayson said “This may feel tough for us Climbing Mount Snowdon but just think how tough it is for the lonely, elderly people and the homeless teenagers who are the same age as us. It makes me very grateful for what I have’

 The boys wanted to help elderly people and troubled teenagers and so they selected Click and Crossroads as the two charities that Myisrael would channel their funds to.

 The money at CLICK is funding a life-changing iPad project, linking housebound seniors to a CLICK centre. Using two way communication, they participate in real-time activities with their friends e.g music appreciation, lectures and exercise classes and can talk to one another via the ipads.

The boys also chose to support Crossroads - a support centre for teenage boys and girls who have lost their way. Many live on the streets with no-one to support them. At Crossroads they are given clothes, toiletries, counselling, education and support. Robbie Sassoon, Executive director at Crossroads said “I was totally inspired by your decision to raise money for Crossroads through your climbing of Mount Snowdon for your Bar Mitzvahs. The teens at Crossroads are constantly challenging themselves to climb the mountains of their lives too, so please celebrate each step of your journey on this trek”

 Myisrael can help you to put together great fund-raising activities for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. If you would be interested in climbing Mount Snowdon with a group of friends or fundraising as part of your celebration go to or email


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