Ben’s Barmitzvah run to help Mahru

As part of his Barmitzvah, Ben Conway really wanted to raise money to help a child in Israel buy something specific. After looking at our ‘adopted’ charities, Ben was inspired to help a Barmitzvah aged boy at the Forgotten People Fund. Mahru, was celebrating his Barmitzvah at the same time as Ben and they were ‘twinned’.

Ben raced around the 10 kilometres at the Maccabi community Fun Run in super fast time! He had asked his friends, family and guests to sponsor him and raised money that Mahru is using to fund a tutor to teach him Ivrit and English, which will help to improve his grades at school and increase his future academic opportunities.

On receiving the feedback from Myisrael about how Ben’s donation had been used, Ben’s Mum Kelly said “Thanks so much for the email - we are so pleased to hear how Mahru has decided to use the money that Ben raised. We are thrilled that he is using it in such a wonderful and beneficial way. Many thanks for the update.”

If you are planning your son's or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah and want to make it meaningful for them, we can help. For more information contact Helen at

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