Matty’s triathlon effort buys a laptop for Itay

Hi, I'm Dalia, Matty's mum. I want to share with you a decision we made, with Matty, a few months before his Barmitzvah. We wanted to make his experience as meaningful as possible, and agreed that he should do something for a child of Bar Mitzvah age who was less fortunate than himself. Matty had only ever seen Israel from a  holiday point of view and had no idea of the poverty that some children live in.

With the support of Myisrael, Matty chose to do a triathlon to help Itay, a child the same age who was about to have a very different Barmitzvah experience.

We wanted him to understand that by pushing himself further than he had ever done, physically, he could raise money for Itay. Through training hard and telling friends and family why he was doing it, Matty raised a lot more money than he thought possible and really gave Itay something life-changing.

Hi, we’re Wendy and Jeff, we help run the FPF charity in Netanya. On Friday we had the pleasure of presenting Itay with his new laptop. As you can see from the pictures Itay had a HUGE grin, his mother even commented on it!  What we found touching was he immediately called his bouncy little sister, Sheked, to join him and patiently began showing her how to use the computer!


As there were additional funds to what we had expected, we discussed the best ways to use the money with Itay and his mother. We discussed a desk and chair in the bedroom that Itay and his brother share, summer camp for all 4 children, which will provide an enrichment experience and give them something to do so they aren't either on the streets or stuck in front of the television ( concerns for every mother!), new clothes and shoes for Itay's Barmitzvah and back-to-school clothes for his brother and sisters.


Many thanks to My Israel for the shidduch they made between Matty, the Barmitzvah boy in England and Itay, a Barmitzvah boy in Netanya. Thanks to Matty and his family for the generous donation that will make a positive difference in Itay and his family's life.


If you are planning your son's or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah and want to make it meaningful for them then I cannot recommend Myisrael highly enough. For more information go to or email

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