Moriah children painted pictures to raise funds for INTRA

Two hundred and forty children at Moriah Primary School were given the opportunity to be like real artists, selling their Tu B Shvat ‘masterpieces’ to raise money for INTRA. They were taught how to draw or create more realistic trees, (depending on how old they were!) They used a variety of materials including watercolours, tissue paper, oil pastels and poster paints whilst learning about making tints, shades, block colouring, blending and sticking (depending on how old they were!)

The children acted out how it would feel to go from sitting in a wheelchair all day, to how it would feel to sit and exercise on a horse. They discussed how it would feel and learnt about the life changing effects that the therapeutic horse-riding at INTRA can have.

Parents can buy the beautiful, framed artwork that their children have produced. All money donated will go to pay for horse-riding lessons at INTRA. The costs are £8 for one child; £15 for two children; £20 for three children.To buy your child's artwork, click here...

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