DVI’s Free Treatment for Holocaust Survivors

With 7000 Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem relying on welfare support, DVI’s new project is finally putting a smile on the face of those who deserve it most.

 Holocaust Survivor Sarah Golzorion lives in Neve Ya’akov on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Sarah has no teeth which makes speaking very difficult.  She had dentures made 22 years ago, and although they have needed replacing for a very long time, she could not afford a new set. Due to the broken condition of the dentures, she has only been putting them in for eating.Sarah is just one of 7,000 Holocaust Survivors in Israel who rely on support from Welfare Services. In recent years Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) have met with numerous social workers and discovered the astounding number of Holocaust Survivors who, similar to Sarah, have absolutely no access to dental care.To meet this urgent demand, DVI has started providing free dentures to Survivors and needy elderly in Jerusalem. To spearhead this project, they have recruited Dr. Sarit Palmon, one of Israel’s leading prosthodontists, with extensive experience in geriatric dentistry. Dr. Palmon told Myisrael, “I am so happy to be part of the first truly free project for Survivors and other poor elderly who are often neglected. Even though DVI will be providing dentures for free, we will provide the highest quality of care available in Israel – this is very exciting.”

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