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  • Joshua Maltz's fundraising page

    Mr Joshua Maltz:

    Joshua Maltz's fundraising page

    Many of the children involved in MOT arrived with developmental or emotional problems. The MOT programme has not only nurtured their love of music but has helped them overcome their personal challenges, giving them the confidence and tools to make a better life for themselves, and in many cases, build a bright career ahead of them. In doing so it...

    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £500.00
  • Donate to mark my Birthday

    Dr David Slovick:

    Donate to mark my Birthday

    Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page. I am so pleased to be raising money for Myisrael, a charity that enables donors in the UK to support grassroots projects that fall below the radar of most British donors. All the projects that Myisrael supports have been carefully vetted and each of them is doing important work with vulnerable...

    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £500.00
  • Joshua Cohen Bar mitzvah challenge

    Mr Joshua Cohen:

    Joshua Cohen Bar mitzvah challenge

    There are so many boys in the Ethiopian community whose families are unable to afford a celebration when they reach Barmitzvah age. But this is where you can help! Myisrael is busy organising a communal football-themed Barmitzvah celebration for a group of 10 boys from Netanya. I decided to have a football match and twin with an Ethiopian child...

    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £1050.00
  • Paul is running the London Marathon!

    Mr Paul Deacon:

    Paul is running the London Marathon!

    Myisrael transforms the lives of people in need in Israel every day. It supports 18 small charities ranging from an equine therapy centre for people with special needs, to an eye clinic for people living in poverty, to a rape crisis centre for victims of domestic abuse. Every one of their charities is helping to break negative cycles of distress and...

    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £7000.00
  • Asher and Noah's Triathlon

    Mr Asher and Noah Triathlon:

    Asher and Noah's Triathlon

    We are going to complete a triathlon on Sunday 30th April to raise money for Myisrael. We have set ourselves the challenge of swimming 300m, cycling 7km and then running 2k. This will be quite a challenge for us and we have been training hard already. Myisrael raises money for 18 amazing under-the-radar charities in Israel. Every penny donated goes...

    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £1500.00

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