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  • Sam's Bar-mitzvah walk

    Mrs Elaine Benardout:

    Sam's Bar-mitzvah walk

    Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. In honour of my Bar Mitzvah I have chosen to support a very worthy charity called MyIsrael. I have picked a project called " Building Hope" which enables renovations for dilapidated homes and support families to break out of poverty.  As I am passionate about football I decided to take on a football related...

    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £500.00
  • Josh's Bar-mitzvah Quiz

    Mr Josh Solomon:

    Josh's Bar-mitzvah Quiz


    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £400.00
  • Louie's Bar-mitzvah project

    Mr Louie Fecher:

    Louie's Bar-mitzvah project

    I want to raise money to support the Myisrael’s project to help Children. These Children are struggling with emotional issues, and horse riding therapy will help them regain their confidence and trust. To raise money I am going to do a 8km sponsored walk. I was planning to do this before my Bartmizvah, but as I have been slightly busy relearning...

    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £400.00
  • Lily's Batmitzvah Pledge

    Mrs Janine Lowy:

    Lily's Batmitzvah Pledge

    I had the honour of visiting Intra during my holiday in Israel, October 2016. Since that memorable morning, I thought one day in the future it will be great if I can raise some money for this really great cause. I chose my Batmizvah as the perfect time to raise some money for Intra. My favourite thing in the world to eat is to eat chocolate,...

    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £1100.00
  • Lola's Batmitzvah Triathlon

    Ms Lola Poppy Rosenberg:

    Lola's Batmitzvah Triathlon


    - Read more Fundraising Goal: £850.00

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