Dental Volunteers for Israel:

Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) is a free clinic where volunteer dentists provide top quality dental care for more than 2,000 of Jerusalem’s poorest children each year.


The late Mrs Trudi Birger, a Holocaust survivor saw children’s care as her will in life, making a personal vow while in the concentration camps, to help needy children in Jerusalem.  Realising that children from poor families in Israel would never have the privilege to see the inside of a dental clinic, she diecided she would find a way to provide them with state-of-the-art dentistry, free of charge.  Without any resources, except her powerful and influential personality and assistance from her personal friends, she set out to fulfil her dream and the Dental Volunteers for Israel Clinic was born.

It has been proven time and again, that dental pain affects a childs matriculation and academic success and is directly tied to the cycle of poverty.  Dental health is a family affair at DVI.  Each child’s family are invited for education sessions in the purpose built classroom and then are sent home with new toothbrushes and the information they need to begin healthy habits. DVI restores the smiles of thousands of children every year.

How does it work?

DVI treats children, regardless of ethnic or religious background who are referred to them by the Welfare Department.  Volunteer dentists come from all over the world to devote their time to this cause, treating many children every day with various levels of dental problems.  In addition, 80% of the materials used in the treatments are donated by dental equipment manufacturing companies.

Each year thousands of children are treated at DVI and they are now extending their services to Holocaust survivors too.

Current fundraising target for DVI:
£15,555 to fund a course of dental treatment for 117 patients at DVI

How your donation can help:

Most of the dentists who come to the Clinic for the first time are shocked by the terrible condition of the teeth of the children they treat.  Some say their teeth are in a worse condition than children they have treated in poor parts of Africa and most of the children require intensive treatment such as root canal treatment.

On average, each child requires four treatments to fix the problem they came in with.  Even with the in-kind donation of dental expertise and materials, other costs such as: running costs of the clinic, hygenists and fundraising costs, must be covered.

Myisrael aims to raise enough money to fund treatment for at least 117 patients in 2017.

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