INTRA has pioneered therapeutic horse riding for children with autism, adults with mental illness, wounded soldiers, terror victims and many, many others. Read more below to see how you can help.


Anita Shkedi founded INTRA in 2000 with a team of professionals with over 34 years of professional experience in this field. The INTRA team is made up of therapeutic riding instructors, physiotherapists and education experts who bring their vast life experience to a job that they love.

Therapeutic riding uses the horse and horseback riding as a treatment for people who are limited in their functional abilities due to illness, disability, injury, mal-adaptation or other conditions. The rhythmic movement of the horse provides numerous physical and psychological benefits. It is also strenuous aerobic activity stimulating a strong sense of mobility, power and control.

The benefits of horse-riding for children and adults with disabilities are astounding. Interaction with horses is therapeutic and stimulating. It helps improve self-confidence, perception, memory, self-control, sensory motor activity, muscle tone, balance, co-ordination and more.

Based just near Netanya, INTRA is a warm and worthwhile place to visit on a trip to Israel.

Current fundraising target for Myisrael:
£9,900 to fund weekly lessons for  24 riders from Neve Menashe home for mentally ill and intellectually challenged individuals 

Background to the riders:

INTRA receives riders from Neve Menashe, an institution for 400 mentally ill and intellectually challenged individuals who are both non-violent and violent in nature. The riders who come to INTRA generally are non-violent, but due to their psychotic state exhibit some unusual behaviours. Some communicate non-verbally, using nods or gestures; others find different ways to express themselves.  Some riders have tics, or make repetitive noises. Several of the riders have genetic disabilities like Down’s syndrome or Fragile X Syndrome. Other riders have pervasive developmental disorders, epilepsy or experience hallucinations.

How your donation can help:

For several years now, Myisrael donations have been supporting the costs of weekly horeriding sessions at  INTRA for 24 adults from Neve Menashe.  

Working on the principle that one must first learn to ‘read the world’ before one can learn to read the word, the objectives of the riding sessions are to improve functional ability through increased awareness, balance, co-ordination, co operation and concentration. This is accomplished by providing tasks with the horse that facilitate new learning about activities of daily living, music, words, numbers and speech. Many of Neve Menashe riders who have been riding at INTRA for 3 years or more, and were non-verbal, have now learned to communicate using speech.


One of the counsellors who brings the riders to INTRA each week told us: “This is the highlight of their week, the break from the mundane….. the difference that coming to INTRA makes to them is overwhelming”.


View the brand new INTRA video below

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