High Holy Days Appeal:

Over the holidays, help Myisrael feed 335 families who desperately struggle to make ends meet

Over Rosh Hashanah and the holiday period, Myisrael wants to help feed 335 families in serious financial difficulty.

Just 300 shekels (£64) can provide a family with nutritious food during the holiday period.

33-year old mother Tamar is one of the people you can help. During the early stages of her second pregnancy, Tamar was diagnosed with breast cancer and forced to terminate the pregnancy. The strain of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy meant she had to leave her teaching job and the family are struggling to manage on her husband’s modest salary. A food voucher for Tamar’s family would be a precious gift this New Year.

Please donate now to support a family like Tamar’s with the Myisrael promise that 100% of your gift will go directly to helping people in need across Israel.

Thank you and happy new year from all at Myisrael.

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