Project Fund:

Any donations not directed to a specific project go into the Myisrael Project Fund. Donations to our Project Fund are allocated quarterly to the projects deemed most in need at that time.


About half of the donations that Myisrael receives are directed towards specific projects. The other half are donated to our Project Fund and allocated quarterly by our Board of Trustees.

Often, people decide to donate to the Project Fund because they didn’t have time to read about all the projects themselves and prefer us to make the decision. Sometimes people find it too difficult to choose between all the causes and other times they just want their money to go to where it is most needed at that moment.

It is really important to us that our donors have a choice about whether they want to choose a specific project or prefer us to do that for them.

At the end of each financial year we publish a report on the Charity Commissions Website which details how our funds were allocated.

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