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Do something amazing for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah

There are so many ways to help Myisrael charities. You could donate some of your gift money, do a sponsored event, run an activity, make things to sell or whatever inspires you!

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Make your celebration even more special by asking your friends and family to donate to the project of your choice instead of buying you a gift.

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Alex climbed the height of Masada from the UK

There are so many ways to help Myisrael charities. Alex did a sponsored climb and raised money for Roots for Generations, a charity that creates a community for seniors and children with learning difficulties.

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Ben’s Barmitzvah run to help Mahru

Ben ran 10K at the Maccabi community Fun Run. He asked his friends, family and guests to sponsor him and raised the money that Mahru used for an English and Ivrit tutor.

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Matty’s triathlon effort buys a laptop and food vouchers for Itay

By challenging himself physically, Matty raised money for a Bar Mitzvah aged child in Israel. He told friends and family why he was doing it and by raising more money than he thought possible, he gave Itay something life-changing

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Ellie and Samuel’s wonderful donations

Samuel and Ellie visited a number of Myisrael's projects. Samuel was so inspired that he donated some of his Bar Mitzvah gift money to Myisrael And Ellie baked delicious cakes, which she sold to her friends and family to raise money for Myisrael

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Anya Blakeney Cut her hair and raised money

Anya Blakeney wanted to make her Bat Mitzvah extra meaningful by undertaking a fundraising project.

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Ella Goldstein designs cards for her Bat-mitzvah.

Ella Goldstein designed and sold beautiful greeting cards for her Bat-mitzvah.

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Give a donation as a gift

It can be really tough to come up with that special gift for every celebration. Whether you are honouring a new baby, special birthday or anniversary, a donation to a Myisrael charity could be just the ticket.

The process of donating is really simple and you can start by choosing the specific project that you would like to support.

Myisrael offers a variety of projects for you to choose from. You also have the option of supporting the General Fund - which is allocated by our trustees to the project deemed most in need.

Once you have selected the project you would like to support, you simply click on the 'Donate to this Project' button and you will be taken through to the 'Donate' page.

Simply fill in the information requested in the online donation form and make sure that you complete the section entitled 'Donate in Someone's Honour'.

Once your donation has been processed an email notification will be sent to the person whose details you provided on the donation form to inform them that a gift has been made in his/her honour.

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  2. Share it with your friends.
  3. Raise money for the project of your choice

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