Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) is a free clinic where volunteer dentists come from all over the world to provide top quality dental care to more than 2,000 of Jerusalem’s poorest children.



Shlomi is a sweet seven-year-old boy with a mouth full of problems.

As a result of constricted breathing problems during infancy, Shlomi suffers from excruciating dental pain. His mother, Meirav, was told treatment would cost tens of thousands of shekels, an insurmountable challenge for their family who have severe financial problems.

Meirav turned to DVI to see if anything could be done. The DVI dentists immediately performed two emergency root canals and then advised Meirav to wait until Shlomi was a little bigger before commencing further treatment. They returned to DVI when Shlomi was six and he has since had countless extractions, root canals and cavities filled – every single tooth needed to be treated. With some instruction on special care, the loving support of his family, and constant follow up at the DVI clinic, we hope to see Shlomi’s smile grow ever brighter! 


With a strong link between poor oral hygiene and poor performance at school, DVI is helping to turn young lives around. Kids with rotten teeth find it hard to concentrate because of the pain, and are often embarrassed to smile or open their mouths to talk. DVI’s treatments are not only restoring their smiles but are giving them and their families the hope of a brighter future.

As well as receiving dental treatment, the children are required, together with their parents, to attend educational sessions to ensure they understand the importance of healthy eating and cleaning habits in the future.

Extending their reach, DVI now provides dental treatment to the elderly and the astounding number of Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem who have no access to free dental care. With over 7,000 Survivors in Jerusalem relying on welfare support, DVI’s latest offering is finally putting a smile on the faces of those who deserve it most.


“My heart was breaking to see my son in so much pain but thanks to the dentists at DVI, he's happy and smiling again.”
Shoshana Levy
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