Soldiers without family to support them often find their army service isolating and, in many cases, suffer from loneliness and depression. Beit Kobi makes sure their lone soldiers are surrounded by love, support and compassion.


The day Gal was sworn in to the IDF was the proudest of his life, but he was one of a handful of soldiers who had no family present…simply because they couldn’t afford to travel to the ceremony. Gal comes from a family who struggle to afford hot meals during the week. Gal’s father would have much preferred his son to start working after school and earning money but Gal was committed to serving in the army.

For Gal, Beit Kobi has become a source of strength and comfort. During time off base or when other soldiers have their families around them, Gal has the same love and support shown to him through the wonderful volunteers at Beit Kobi. His ‘adopted’ family were there clapping him on at his beret and end-of-basic training ceremonies, and his Beit Kobi apartment is shared with other lone soldiers who feel like brothers to him. Gal knows Beit Kobi will be there for him no matter what.


Beit Kobi was created in memory of Kobi Ichelbom, an outstanding combat soldier and commander in the Givati Brigade of the IDF who was killed in action in 2002. His mother Aviva established Beit Kobi to honour her son’s guiding principles, familiarity and friendship.

Beit Kobi ensures the emotional and physical wellbeing of all lone soldiers in the IDF’s Givati Brigade. It provides them with comfortable, homelike apartments which they can return to during any holiday and where they benefit from the support of their fellow soldiers facing similar challenges. And each soldier is paired with one of Beit Kobi’s trained volunteers and volunteer “adopted” families, who support them with love, encouragement and advice throughout their military service.


“Beit Kobi gave me hope, a home, family and friends.They are the reason I am flourishing today”
Ruby, lone soldier
Feeds one resident lone soldier per month
Annual (winter) clothing allowance for a resident soldier
Number of combat lone soldiers supported by Beit Kobi