Bo, age 12. Fast and furious on the football and rugby pitch; calm and creative with paint and paper. That’s Bo! :)

Bo has created these 3 sets of cards in the hopes of raising lots of money to go directly to help the elderly. The idea started off simply to 'do some good' with his art, and then morphed into a Bar Mitzvah project giving him a 'goal.' Now, he’s started, Bo hopes he will continue selling cards featuring his art, and using his art in a meaningful way for others, for long after his Bar Mitzvah.

Just as, hopefully, his Bar Mitzvah is the beginning of his own Jewish journey, may his art be the beginning of his creative & expressive journey while “doing good" as well. (Yes, this is his mum writing this bit!...but otherwise all created and chosen by Bo!).

"Thank you for helping me help old people live as best as they can. Bo x"


  • 1: Bo’s STILL LIFES (mix of pastel & charcoal)
  • 2: Bo’s BRIGHTS (mix of acrylic and ink)
  • 3: Bo’s PLANETS (spray paint)

Each pack includes 10 cards (blank inside) & envelopes
(There are 5 different designs, 2 of each, per pack)

2. BUY:
Cost: £13 (for his Bar Mitzvah!) for 1 pack of 10 cards/ envelopes. (or less if you buy more packs!)

  • 1 pack (10 CARDS) - £13 plus £2 for UK shipping = £15 TOTAL
  • 2 packs (20 CARDS) - £25 plus £2 for UK shipping = £27 TOTAL
  • 3 packs (30 CARDS) - £37 plus £2 for UK shipping = £39 TOTAL

  • OR, please donate any amount you wish! Any amount, smaller or greater, will be hugely appreciated. THANK YOU! :)


    100% of what you donate will go directly to CLICK, a charity supported by MyIsrael which empowers elderly people across Israel to lead healthy and fulfilled lives through social, cultural and vocational activities as well as employment opportunities.

After you press the red "donate" button below, the next page will give you the option to "Show my contribution in the public honour roll". Please tick this, and then tick "Include my name and message." In the "message" box please specify which pack(s) of cards you would like, and how many. If you don't choose a pack, we will choose for you! Choices are: Still Lifes, Brights or Planets. They're all great! :) Go for one of each for all your future notecard needs! :)

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I'm Fundraising for CLICK (Bo)

Click empowers elderly people to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.


The Smillies
Great idea and great creativity. Well done Bo, we all love you. Doug, M-A, Tamara, Sam & Maia xxxxx
£ 51.00 + £ 13.00 Gift Aid
​Aunty Jenny
​Darling Bo you're a very creative and special young man and I am looking forward to attending your barmitzvah
£ 51.00 + £ 13.00 Gift Aid
Nerida,Gary and family x
Fantastic! Well done. Please could we have 1 of each? X
£ 39.00 + £ 10.00 Gift Aid
The Grants
Fab cause & great art Bo !! (Can we have pack 2 & 3 please!!)
£ 27.00 + £ 7.00 Gift Aid
Adrienne and Robin Powell
Wonderful idea, great art
£ 39.00 + £ 10.00 Gift Aid
Congrats Bo Lovely plan to raise money for elderly using an artistic ability to create cards
£ 51.00 + £ 13.00 Gift Aid
Caroline Fertleman
wonderful art Bo
£ 39.00 + £ 10.00 Gift Aid
Uncle David, and Aunty Armelle
Love from us and of course, Martin, Louise and Rose
£ 113.00
Auntie Toni & Uncle Michael
Wonderful! So how many do we get for £113?!
£ 113.00 + £ 28.00 Gift Aid