At Miriam’s Dream, people with severe disabilities are able to live their lives exactly how they want to, and with the love and companionship of a community to support them.


Liat, aged 31, was born with cerebral palsy and is wheelchair-bound. She is mature, social, communicative and full of charm. She was born in Jerusalem to a single mother that raised her at home with a lot of love.

Liat spent 14 years in a rehabilitation centre but in 2016 she moved to Miriam’s Dream and was given her own flat for the first time. She had fought for many years for independent living – and at Miriam’s Dream, she’s got just that. The committed staff helped her find a job and she currently works four days a week as an illustrator on canvas. She is a reliable and dedicated employee, and in her spare time she enjoys working with ceramics and designing creative art pieces. She is also participating in a computer course at Miriam’s Dream.

Liat is full of motivation and enjoying every second of what she describes as ‘my freedom’.


At Miriam’s Dream, each resident lives independently and privately in their two-bedroom apartment, with the second bedroom allocated to their caregiver. They have access to a large communal lounge that serves as a social club and a beautiful flourishing garden.

Every resident at Miriam’s Dream has the chance to fulfil their potential. Professional staff support residents with their emotional and physical challenges, and Employment Counsellors work with each individual to learn their interests and knowledge, helping them to find suitable employment and leisure activities.

The residents have use of a specially adapted shuttle bus which transports them to work as well as taking them to regular daily activities such as visiting a shopping centre or meeting friends at a restaurant, simple pleasures that would otherwise be impossible.

As much as residents enjoy the comfort of their own apartment, they also take pleasure in the community created at Miriam’s Dream. They share special Shabbat and festival meals, they can participate in all sorts of group activities, and they laugh, sing and dance together. It’s a very happy, warm place to live.


“I feel like I’ve joined a family and can finally be the person I want to be.”
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