Help us fix broken homes and lives

Building Hope, one of Myisrael's causes, makes urgent repairs for families living in dilapidated homes that contribute to physical and mental damage. They also provide social workers to help these families break cycles of poverty.

Last year Building Hope repaired over 300 homes so families could live in safer and healthier conditions, changing their reality as a result.

From fixing a broken window to ensuring a family can sleep safely at night, to widening doorways to allow a child with celebral palsy wheelchair access.  From replacing a boiler to give hot water to a Holocaust survivor, to repairing an uninsured home damaged by fire.

It's been tough for all of us spending months at home during the coronavirus pandemic.  Now imagine how that would feel with no hot water, a collapsed ceiling or unsafe, exposed wires.

Please support this appeal by donating to Building Hope.

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"There are no words to express my gratitude that my home is now safe for my family to live in." Shoshi, 68.

100% of your donation will change lives.

Every penny you donate will go directly to urgent home repairs.


to replace hazardous electrical sockets and light switches to make a home safer

to replace a broken window and protect a child from the cold


to replace a boiler to provide hot water for a family


to fix mould and plaster and paint a family home to prevent health complications

and we can renovate an entire home for an elderly couple

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